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Every $30 Buy-A-Book gift to the Bethlehem Area Public Library purchases a new book that will receive a special bookplate honoring a loved one, family or organization, or that commemorates a special occasion. Buy-A-Book gifts also can be designated for either adult or children’s book collection
Please choose a Buy-A-Book contribution level that is right for you:

  • $ 30 Buy-A-Book 
  • $ 60 Buy two books 
  • $ 90 Buy three books 
  • $ 120 Buy four books 
  • $ 500 Buy a shelf of books 
  • $ 1000 Buy an entire bookcase
If you are making a memorial gift, please be sure to include the name of the person to memorialize as well as any additional contact information. This information may be entered in the "memo" or "notes" field. Contact with questions.

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