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Emmaus School of Biblical Studies

Emmaus School of Biblical Studies

The Emmaus School of Biblical Studies (ESBS) is a residential discipleship school taking students through the content of the entire Bible in ten months. Students learn to observe, interpret, and apply every page of the Bible while living in a residential community focussed on Christian discipleship.
This fall, Canterbury Conference Center becomes Emmaus school’s new home!  Canterbury will now be the place where the next generation of young people are trained, discipled and sent out into the world to make disciples themselves.  In preparation for student arrival we’re currently renovating 5 dorm rooms.  Housing capacity in those rooms is increasing from 2 people to 4 people.  New flooring, trim, and paint is going in.  Additionally a breakfast kitchen has been installed at the end of McQueen Lodge.  
Consider investing in this next season of Canterbury’s growth by helping with construction costs.  Total cost for materials is nearing $10,000.  Every dollar given goes to help prepare sacred space for young lives to be changed forever.  For more information about the Emmaus school, visit their website at, and thank you for you prayer and support!

Tom Phillips
Executive Director, Emmaus Ministries

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