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June 12, 2018 Legendary Learning - Jae Iglish

Adam Herbert University Center

12000 Alumni Drive

  • June 12, 2018
  • 11:30:00 AM - 1:15:00 PM

Success Strategies for Eliminating Maladaptive Beliefs, Motivations, Attitudes and Behaviors.
Stinking Thinking! You know, “the glass is half empty” or focusing on the negative.  Maladaptive beliefs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors have a direct influence over our success in many areas.  Please join us for this interactive and entertaining session where we will discuss subjects like procrastination vs productivity, criticism vs confrontation, expediency versus efficiency, punishment vs discipline and what innovative skill development techniques you can use to live the life you desire both personally and professionally.

Participants Learning Objectives:  

  • Identify some common maladaptive beliefs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors that may be holding you back from becoming the “best” you can be.
  • Develop skills to overcome these maladaptive beliefs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors toward creating a more successful personal and business life.
  • Help others to realize how their maladaptive behavior at work is impacting their personal success and the success of the company.
  • Learn how to aid others to develop skills in the creation of more effective communication and better working relationships.

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Society of Emotional Intelligence