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The Moina Michael Poppy Project
Help Us Give The Gift of Mobility to a Wounded Hero
The Moina Michael Poppy Project was founded in 2013 by Emily Crews. After reading the book, The Miracle Flower, Emily was inspired by what she had read and started reaching out to colleagues. Soon, a small group of like-minded individuals came together and began using their various crafting skills to aid in the mission. Since then, we have grown from simply crafting poppies to attending festivals, connecting with local historical societies, fundraising for The Independence Fund and much more. We are growing more and more every day, and are constantly inspired by Moina Michael and all that she did for military families.

The UPS Store
Help Us Give The Freedom of Mobility To America's Wounded Veterans
Walt Altmann, Vietnam Veteran and owner of four The UPS Store locations in northeast Scottsdale, his team, and 2 other The UPS Store Owners, Sara Criscione & Bryan Vial salute America's Wounded Veterans by joining The Independence Fund's mission to support and provide our injured and wounded Veterans with the tools to achieve their independence, which may have been lost in their fight to preserve our freedom.

Duffs Custom Window Treatments
Help Us Give The Gift of Mobility to a Wounded Hero
In honor of my deceased Brother in law, Tech Sgt. John W. Brown, Pararescue Jumper, Air Force. Killed in Afghanistan August 6th, 2011, with 37 other brave souls to include the Navy Seals. I want to honor him by raising funds for an all-terrain chair.